Our Practice

Columbus veterinary care!

Owned by Dr. Susanne Seward, Affordable Veterinary Services is committed to providing affordable preventive medicine care for your pet.  Dr. Seward received her DVM degree from University of Florida in 2002, and has been practicing veterinary medicine in Columbus, Georgia since 2006!  She is joined by Dr. Nonie Eakle, Dr. Andrew Duncan, and Dr. Kristen Walter in her mission to care for our local pets!

Our Mission:

  • Maximize your pets medical care within your budget
  • Keep your family pet healthy……and in return to keep your family from being exposed to transmittable diseases
  • Promote spay/neuter for all pets
  • Decrease unwanted pet euthanasia in our community
  • Promote microchipping to decrease number of lost pets in shelters
  • Foster human-animal bond
  • Provide education to help promote responsible ownership

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